Thursday, April 26, 2012

Best Laid Plans...

Well I had the best of intentions when I started years ago, but we all know how that old saying about intentions goes. Just because I have not written daily  (yes I think I planned on blogging daily originally) it doesn't mean I have stopped making. In the next few posts or however many it takes, I will try to bring everyone up to present day on my maker projects. For this post, so as not to strain myself I will simply give a list off the top of my head of the things I have made/ am making since my last post. For today's post I want even begin to tackle the things I still want to make. So here in no particular order are some of my projects...

  • Many, many pages of sketches & Illustrator files for a children's preschool workbook featuring trains as a theme.
  • A still unfinished recumbent bike / trike built from old bike parts.
  • An awesome, waitng to be stained 8' high x 4' wide bookcase (now cut down to 7' high to fit in our current house) 
  • Two Tiki head book ends(need more carving) hand carved from 3" thick pine stock (scraps from pergola projects at work)
  • A book shelf built out of leftover materials (awaiting trim & paint) whose shelves are only high enough and deep enough to hold my collection of 50's era Popular Science and Popular Mechanix magazines.
  • A 14" long hand carved wooden model of a DC-3 (needs a little more carving and sanding).
  • A completely dismantled 1970 Honda SL-70 I got when I was 10, awaiting engine rebuild, re-painting and assembly.
  • A young adult novel tentatively titled "Adventurer's Inc." modelled after "The Mad Scientists' Club" books, my favorite books of all time. (outline, character development, chapter ideas ).
  • Replaced a blown head gasket on my 1991 Toyota Paseo (  a project worthy of several pages of blogging in itself).
  • A rhyming children's picture book, 99% written, ideas developed and sketched for most pages. This project has been hanging around for about 10 years.

O.k. Im starting to get a little overwhelmed so I'll stop here. perhaps I can even through in a picture or two provided I don't have to re-size them or do anything to them.

Original sketch for preschool workbook

Sketch for "letter find" activity
Concept art for web page header